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So… you are game for changing the world from the inside out -- what now…?

The first thing is to recognize that your perception of the outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside. 

To experience more peace in the outside world,
start cultivating more peace inside.

It is important to watch your diet.  Your
mental diet, that is.  How much time do you spend watching or reading disturbing news stories?  How much time do you spend viewing violent movies or listening to violent music?  We are bombarded by the media with sights and sounds that stimulate anger, fear, and other stressful emotions in us.

We have a lot of choices about what to watch, but there are consequences for willingly subjecting yourself to things that upset your inner peace.  You are creating your reality, as you perceive it, and your thoughts are the building blocks of what you create.  If your mind is full of frightening and hateful images, guess what you are more likely to create and then experience…

Here at "The Plot," we are going to offer resources for cultivating that inner peace.

Here is a brief relaxing guided imagery recording to get you started.
Get comfortable and click here.
(Right-click to download.)

Besides guided imagery, EFT is one of the simplest and most effective tools for creating a more peaceful inner environment -- and it is a tool that is always right there at your fingertips.  As time goes on, there will be more offerings with both techniques--including an EFT teleseminar (watch this site for news, or get on the lists mentioned at the bottom of the home page).  In the meantime, check out the info on EFT here.

As you feel more peace and joy inside, you will naturally treat others in a more peaceful way.  They are then more likely to treat others better as well.  That sort of thing can be contagious.  Spread it.  Let your motto be:

"Let there be peace on Earth…
                                and let it begin with me."

Oh… and tell people about this site!

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